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Internet Marketing is the avenue of the 21st Century. Gone are the days when a simple ad in the Yellow Pages was enough to drive your sales lead generation for your small business. With increasing competition in all market sectors, and the value for money offered by different methods of marketing online, those companies who do not generate and maintain a valid online presence are the next companies that will fall by the wayside. Through a combination of Website, Email marketing, SEO, Social Media and others, we are able to get your business in front of more potential customers (and existing clients) than you could dream of achieving from offline marketing strategies.


By Marketing online, you enable your business to be ‘open’ 24/7, 365 days a year.

As you are probably well aware of (the statistics say that you are one of those who do!) the vast majority research the products or services that they are looking to purchase online, before they make that purchase. Your business presence needs to be in front of their eyes to be in the running, and with our budget friendly solutions, we can get your business ‘ahead of the pack’.


Internet marketing costs way less than marketing them through a ‘traditional media’ avenue.


You know exactly what your return on investment is. Everything, from visitors to your website, is trackable giving the business owner valuable insight into whats working and whats not.


In todays competitive world, the relationship with the customer is often the only differentiator between companies and products. With traditional media marketing, there is no relationship at all. Its ‘one way’ traffic.

Marketing online allows not only the business owner to get their products out in front of potential customers, but it allows potential customers to communicate back with that business. Truly invaluable!

At Activ Net Marketing all of the products we offer are industry leading, and offered at prices that other similar providers can only dream of. Our customers benefit from the fact that Activ is one of the UK’s largest providers of Net Marketing services.


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