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Why It Works

Internet Marketing is the marketing avenue of the 21st Century, bar none. The days when a simple ad in the local newspaper was enough to drive your business's lead generation are long gone. With increasing competition in all market sectors, the value for money offered by a solid company presence online far exceeds that of the 'old school' marketing activities.

Through a combination of company Website, Social Media, SEO, Email marketing etc. we are able to get your company or business seen by more potential customers than you could dream of from offline marketing strategies.


By utilizing online marketing techniques you are enabling your business to be ‘open’ 24/7, 365 days a year.

You will be well aware of the fact that the vast majority or consumers research the services or products that they are looking to purchase online, before they make that buying decision.

Your business needs to be in front of their eyes to ensure that it is part of their buying decision and with our budget friendly solutions, we can ensure that your business stays ‘ahead of the pack’.


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Marketing online is a much more cost effective method than marketing through ‘traditional media’ methods.


We are able to show EXACTLY your return on investment. Everything, from the number of visitors to your website, is trackable, giving you, the business owner a valuable insight into whatworks.


In today's ultra competitive world, customer relationships are often the only differentiator between different companies and their products. With traditional media marketing, there is no relationship. It is all ‘one way’ traffic.

Utilizing online methods of marketing allows not only the business or it's owner to get their products in front of potential clients, but also allows potential customers to communicate feedback to that business. This is invaluable communication!

Activ Net Marketing's products are all industry leading, and offered at prices that other similar agency's can only dream of. Clients of Activ benefit from the economy of scale of doing business with one of the world's largest providers of internet marketing services.


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