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Web Design

Activ Net Marketing has been designing and building awesome websites for SME's using it's own Activ Web Design software for well over six years.

We have built literllay thousands of sites, and at any oe time over one thousand customer websites reside on our infrastructure.

Our clients benefit from a nationwide and worldwide network of trained consultants who intimately understand the particular requirements and needs of businesses and organizations in their local community.

What can Activ Net Marketing offer your business or orgaization?

Save Money
Make Moneyincrease profit




The Activ difference?

  • You are walked through the design, development and deployment process step by step. We make it all so very easy for to understand.
  • Our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry. 
  • When your website is launched, we continue to offer a year round update service (within reason!) for free. We are the only company who do not charge for such a 'webmaster' service!
  • All of the websites that we develop live on our own server infrastructure (which is actually Carbon Neutral) with no outside influence. This affords Activ a HUGE security advantage over other providers.


Importance of Having a Website



One of our local Consultants will call to arrange a meeting with to discuss your requirements. The Consultant will explain the packages and everything that is included at the price point. We will then design and create a  professional, unique website comprised of 3 pages. The site has the ability to include images, logos, text, maps and more, on all the pages. Your website will be hosted for one year,included in this fantastic low cost fixed price.

You can upgrade to a bigger site or higher package at any time by calling your Consultant who will again walk you through the process.

The 3 page brochure site includes a home page, service/product page and a contact page, along with the design and creation of those pages. 1 email address is supplied, along with the purchase of the domain name for the site, and 12 months of hosting is included too. Text and images must be provided by the client.

COMPREHENSIVE BROCHURE SITE - $699 or Responsive design $999

Receive a professionally designed, comprehensive, unique site that best portrays your business. Along with the design and development, a year of hosting is provided too, along with a domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and up to 5 email addresses. Also included is a comprehensive statistics package that allows you to monitor how many visitors your site is attracting.  This comprehensive site has the possiblity of an unlimited number of pages.

The comprehensive brochure site consists of an unlimited number of pages. You choose the pages you want to best portray your business. Up to 5 email addresses are supplied, along with a domain name for the site, a comprehensive statistics package and 12 months of web hosting. More importantly, we act as your webmaster, and provide FREE minor alterations and amendments to the site.Text and images must of course be provided by the client.

COMPLETE ONLINE SHOP - $1499 or Responsive design $1,999

One of our Consultants will design, develop and launch a comprehensive e-commerce site for your business. We will setup your  product categories along with your company and product information. You can then add your own pages, and create your owns promotions and flash sales. The online shop is linked to major online payment providers such as Paypal, giving a smooth customer payment experience. This is accompanied by a comprehensive back office suite to help run your e-commerce business. Information pertaining to orders received, orders  dispatched, stock levels etc is at your fingertips. The first 12 months of hosting is of course included. .

Your e-commerce site includes an unlimited number of product pages, and the design and creation of those pages by our skilled team. Up to 5 email addresses are included, along with a domain name for the site, and a comprehensive back office. Minor alterations and amendments are available throughout your contract period with us. Thats what sets us apart from any other net marketing agency out there! They charge you extra for this very valuable service. We provide it for free!



What is the Activ difference?

  • We take you through the design and deployment process step by step, making it easy for you to understand.
  • Our pricing is the lowest in the industry. We dont just build a website and run away!
  • After we deliver your new website, we offer a year round update service at no further cost (within reason of course!).
  • Our websites live on our own servers with no outside influence. This gives us a BIG security advantage over other providers who cannot boast such a robust solution.
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