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Activ Net Marketing

Building your business at transparent, fixed, low prices!

We have been offering low cost web design, low cost SEO services and other low cost net marketing products globally for well over 6 years and boast thousands of satisfied customers not only countrywide, but worldwide.

Our outstanding and constantly evolving range of products that we are able to offer SME's at prices that others can only dream of include:

  • Web Design. All businesses need a website! It is the 'virtual' shop window. All of our websites are customised and built to the client's own design specifications. No templates used here! Prices start from just $499. (Here's a quick a tip... our websites drive results!)
  • SEO Services. There is absolutely no point in having a wonderful website, if nobody actually visits it! Thats the role of SEO, or Seach Engine Optimisation. SEO is a work process resulting in your website showing up in results when people search Google, Yahoo or Bing etc for the services or products that your business sells.
  • Mobile Websites. Over fifty per cent of web activity now is now happening on smart phones, tablets and the like. Mobile sites allow the user to take advantage of your regularsite, in a specifically designed form for use on mobile devices.
  • Responsive Websites. 1 website that moulds itself to all devices on which it is viewed. Different to a mobile site, and each option has its pros.
  • Email marketing. The best way to build your business by generating leads! Bar none!
  • Social Media Management. One of the best ways to get your business name in front of lots of potential customers. We do the hard work for you.
  • Mobile Applications. Further utilizing the power of smartphone technology, app notifications get your message in front of the eyes of potential leads and existing clients immediately!
  • Enterprise Email. Leveraging on the power afforded by the Google Apps platform to give SME's access to the most powerful platform available today. 

Lead Generation

Is If For Me?

We help you build a constant stream of sales leads for your business, with varying solutions to suit the budget of every business, large, small and anywhere in between.

Google Apps

what is included?

By leveraging Google Apps for Business, we give our clients the edge when it comes to email comms. If Email is integral to the success of your business, let us explain what we can do for you, in SIMPLE English.

Why Social Media?

why it works?

Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter is the powerhouse of online marketing. Your business cannot afford to hide... Give your business transparency by making communication with your clients more effective and efficient.

Low, fixed price

fixed price

Compare our prices... They are amongst the lowest in the industry, while being completely transparent. No other company provides the same level of personal support, including constant updates as and when you need them. 

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