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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

A mobile App brings your business numerous and obvious benefits, including:

  • Direct communication with your existing customers and potential leads.
  • Enabling your clients to contact you or your company directly, making data flow more efficient
  • Gives your business freedom to present promotions directly to your customer base.
  • Enable your business name to be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, gaining more exposure.

Enjoying the benefits of direct route to the eyes of your cannot be underestimated! Activ Applications are a robust platform to generate repeat sales from your business's existing customers, and also generate new sales in a trackable way.

Almost 60% of people in the USA currently use a smart phone, the vast majority of which are already surfing the web looking for services and products to buy.


At Activ Net Marketing, we offer a unique service in App development for clients at a low cost, fixed price. 

Many App development companies offer a vast array of pricing structures for a simple mobile app. They try to confuse with the use of technical language. This, to us, is just “smoke and mirrors”! Our pricing structure is easy to understand making our services easy to use, affordable and transparent for all business owners.

Our mobile Applications are native for both Android and Apple devices. They look good and are easy to use.

App for 1 device type
Apps for 2 device types
Apps for 3 device types



There is a small monthly charge to cover hosting & maintaining of the applications your local consultant will explain.

Our Consultant will be more than happy to explain these pricing options in simple terms and advise on the best design and layout of Application that would suit your business needs best.


Additionally, we are also able to offer mobile website development. Our prices start at

$249 for a 5 page Brochure website



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